Proact provides bespoke security and consultancy services within the retail and corporate sectors. Our personnel and clients are supported by our operations centre, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We believe that security personnel are an extension of your brand, so time is taken to carefully map out the values you are looking for in the people we hire, as well as training them to the highest standards of customer service. We believe in customizing our training and their strategy to add the maximum value possible. We evaluate performance using service delivery reports and internal auditing to ensure our Customer’s receive a consistent service.

Our retail loss prevention officers take a proactive approach to security guarding. Training is focused not only on protecting your people and assets, but also on prevention, and task-based guarding to add value to other areas of your business. All of our guards are SIA approved, and we are able to provide other training requirements such as first aid training.


Often used to compliment the role of our security officers, Proact specialises in providing store detectives who operate under cover, and blend into your store environment. They are highly skilled at being able to detect, apprehend and facilitate prosecutions on those targeting specific areas of your business, whilst operating in a way that is preserves your brand image.


Whilst proactive measures are key to any loss prevention strategy, on the reactive end, a highly skilled group of investigators can add massive value in high crime and risk areas. Crime statistics tell us that ORC continues to gain momentum across Europe on a scale never before seen. As with any emerging trend, new ways of thinking and programs are needed to prevent and overcome.

Proact has a specialist group of individuals, commended by New Scotland Yard, that with leading experience in addressing organised retail crime and complex internal investigations. Our business crime service falls within two categories:


Our team of ORC investigators are passionate about protecting your brand from the impact of large scale, often nationwide, shop theft. We understand the significant damage that can be caused by these groups, and have extensive experience in tracking, identifying and bringing these individuals to justice. We work with you on an ad-hoc basis, using an intelligence-led, strategic approach.


Internal investigations are conducted in a discrete manner, with the use of covert surveillance operatives, covert camera installations and the eventual interview and prosecution of those involved. We work closely with you to customize an investigation package that is tailored to your company’s HR policies and guidelines. All of our investigators are SIA licensed, and Wicklander-Zulawski certified, up to Certified Forensic Interviewer.