Proact Security offer a consultancy service drawing on over 30 years of security and investigations expertise, as well as significant loss prevention and risk management exposure in developing LP programs for major brands across Europe. It’s our mission support you with your strategic goals, whilst adding massive value to your bottom-line.

In the corporate and retail security arena, the allocation of resource as moved away from a traditional reactive approach to a proactive one, far more strategically measured against risk. Proact help you to find innovative ways to manage your resource-to-risk model.

We often talk about being proactive, but we believe that starts somewhere sooner than what we do, or how we do it. Rather, through the passion and purpose we create in our teams, and influencing stakeholders at every level of the business. We have had tremendous experience transforming LP cultures for big brands, and showing a huge bottom-line savings. Areas of expertise include:

– Building loss prevention cultures

– Gaining executive buy-in at all levels

– Developing effective internal and employee engagement & training programs

– Nurturing the leadership in teams to drive improvement

– Understanding what is driving loss, and executing the right strategy